we will make a more secure web.

The Challenge

We are increasingly reliant upon our always-connected devices and their access to the Web. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the dangers that lurk by simply browsing the Web and being online.

Even those of us that are aware of the dangers need more straightforward and effective tools in order to proactively protect ourselves, and in turn to help others do the same.

Our Mission

The Secure Web Foundation works to expose the security and privacy threats that we all face online, and provides education on the tools and techniques that anyone can use to protect against these threats.

We are a community of cyber security experts and novices alike. Our goal is to help everyone develop expertise in cyber security.

The future of cyber security is in our hands. Together, we will make a more secure web.


  • Cyber Security Education
  • Digital Privacy Education
  • Cryptography Research


Are you passionate about our mission? We need your help! We are looking for writers, technologists, hackers, and anyone else that cares about web security and online privacy to join our cause. Drop us a line for more information on how you can help.

Even a dollar can help us make a difference. Your donation supports our mission to create a more secure web for everyone. Donations will appear on your credit card statement as SECUREWEBNP.